CNC Milling

At NFF Precision, we have in our workshop a fully programmable CNC Milling Centre. This is a great piece of equipment that enables us to cut and shape all materials into a range of simple and complex designs.

What Is CNC Milling?

Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) Milling is the term given to the widely popular computer automated mills that perform a drilling and cutting/shaping service. The CNC Mills operate upon a set of instructions which are inputted to create the desired effect such as different holes, shapes and slots upon different axes.

CNC Mills are distinguished by a specific label that designates the axes the mills work on. Horizontal movements are labelled X and Y, whereas vertical movements are labelled Z. A majority of CNC milling machines operate on an average of 3 to 5 axes and are adept at cutting a majority of shapes. However, there are more advanced machines like the 5-axis milling machine that is programmed by CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing). The great advantage of this machine is that it can cut and produce highly complex geometric shapes that could not be cut using conventional methods.

CNC milling offers its users a precise degree of freedom that can be used in many applications such as engraving, diesinking, relief sculptures and more. The use of CNC machines offers its users a very precise and cost effective milling service that does not compromise on speed.

The great advantage of CNC Milling is that it can be used to cut or drill through any material. This is often in spite of the fact that CNC Mills are used to predominantly to cut, drill and shape metal work. To avoid problems, the correct tools must be chosen to suit the material being cut.

What We Offer

NFF Precision offers our customers a fully comprehensive CNC milling service. We are able to work to any of your designs. In our factory, we use a CNC 5-axis machine this allows us to cater to small to high volume orders. So whether you require a one-off prototype to a full range order, NFF Precision can cater to orders of all sizes.

About NFF Precision

For over forty years, our company has been providing a high quality manufacturing service to the aerospace and defence industries. All manufacturing will be conducted on our purpose built site that is situated next to Bournemouth Airport. By selecting our services, you will be choosing a company who have been recognised by many as providing a quality service like no other company. We are currently registered with the BSI under the AS9100 REV C I BS EN 9100:2009, ISO 9001:2008 and PRI for NADCAP Welding & NDT.

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