Nadcap Approved Plating, Metal Finishing, Coating


The plating, metal finishing and coatings provided on work produced by NFF is audited and approved by NADCAP.

About Nadcap

Nadcap provide accreditation established by the requirements set by the Government and recognised by experts in the industry. Because prime contractors, suppliers and Government representatives have come together to create this program, the result is a uniformed approach to quality policy throughout the aerospace industry. The program:

  • Recognises stringent industry agreement standards that please the requirements of all participants
  • Substitutes regular auditing of suppliers with audits that are accepted through a consensus executive process of members
  • More in-depth, technical appraised process audits
  • Increase quality of suppliers throughout the industry
  • Lessens the costs through improved consistency
  • Employ technically specialists to ensure familiarity of the process
  • Increases audits for Primes, less audits for suppliers

NFF Finishing work

If you require stove enameling finishes or powder coating to be applied, our dual-capability is able to carry out finishes to the highest standards.

We fit our twin gas-fired ovens with temperature readouts and always make sure that they are calibrated to the best quality.

Our temperature controlled paint store and three water backed spray booths are examples of the tools and equipment that we use at NFF. Our customers can be reassured that we will always use the most up to date methods, ensuring maximum quality on all work that we provide.

To comply with all specifications, we have electronic gross level measuring device and paint thickness gauge, which allows us to ensure all painted components meet your demands.