Precision Fabrication Bournemouth

If you want the best Precision Fabrication service in Bournemouth, then NFF Precision are the company to choose. For over 40 years, NFF Precision has been providing a Precision Fabrication service to the aerospace and defence industries. We are currently based next to Bournemouth International Airport. Additionally, NFF Precision is registered with ISO 9001:2008.

Why Choose NFF Precision?

At NFF Precision, we are able to manufacture any of your designs out of most materials. So whether you have a traditional or contemporary design, we will help you bring your design to life. Previously, we have fabricated designs out of: Aluminium Alloys, Steel, Stainless Steel, Titanium, Inconel and Plastics. There are no limits to what we can create if you can imagine it we will bring it to life.

Within the aerospace and defence industries, NFF Precision has become associated with a high quality service and a consistency in meeting all deadlines. Most of our sales are ‘ship-to-stock’, which shows that our products are highly regarded by our customers. By choosing our Precision Fabrication services, you will be receiving a product unrivalled in its quality.

Our Services

Due to continuous investments, we have the latest Precision Fabrication technologies available on the market today. As a result we offer our customers the following services:


Punching is a great and cost-effective method to punch multiple holes on a large scale. The punch tool is made often made from steel or tungsten carbide. The whole process is very quick and efficient. Afterwards, a burnished region rollover effect is created giving the metal a shiny appearance. To read more click here.


Despite producing a similar outcome, Pressing is very different to Punching. Holes are not forced through the material with a tool; instead holes are cut into the material. It is also a very flexible process and can be used on a variety of materials.


As part of our fabrication services, we offer customers a cutting service. Materials can be cut and shaped to fit your designs. There is a variety of different cutting methods: shearing, sawing, torches and numerically controlled cutters (CNC).  This enables for different materials of all shapes and sizes to be cut in the desired manner.


Turning is another method used to cut materials. The material is turned on its axis and cut into the required shape. Turning is a brilliant method since it reduces the complexity of cutting materials and minimises the amount of waste material.


Milling is when rotary cutters are used to remove material from the workpiece. It is used in the industry as it helps cuts shapes and sizes in an extremely precise manner. Milling has an additional benefit in that it can be used on most materials.

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