NFF has a high degree of expertise in all welding techniques.

Numerous formal Approvals, including CAA, EN ISO 15614, ASME and NADCAP.

Advanced Welding Facilities – TIG, MIG, Seam, Inert Gas & Rotary.

All welding operators are approved for Aluminium & Steel Brazing. Equipment includes an automatic circumferential rotary welder and a 2 metre Bode seam welder.

An Inert Gas Atmosphere Welding Chamber equipped with Purge Monitor provides the ultimate Argon-filled / Oxygen-free environment for the welding of exotic material such as Titanium, Zirconium and other refracting materials.

To support the welding and machining departments NFF has its own NDT section which is NADCAP Approved and staffed by its own Level 2 and Level 3 personnel.