Steel Fabrication

Does your company need steel fabricated to certain specifications? Are you looking for a quality manufacturer with years of experience? Then look no further as NFF Precision can supply and fabricate steel to all of your requirements.

Fabrication Services

At NFF Precision, we provide our customers with a complete fabrication service that has been noted for its precise nature and quality. We provide the following services:

We can cut steel to the required shape and design to match your design. In our workshop we use a diverse range of cutting methods like: CNC (Computer Numerical Control), Torches, Sawing and Shearing.  This allows us to match the designs of our customers.

This is the term given to the machine that uses rotary cutters to cut away excess steel from the workpiece. This enables us to provide customers with an extremely precise cutting service.  Milling has allowed NFF Precision to provide a fully comprehensive and brilliant service.

Pressing is a very flexible method that cuts very precise holes into the chosen material. This process produces a very smooth and clean look that is aesthetically pleasing.

Despite producing the same outcome as the press method, punching differs in that holes are forced through the material with a tool.  This method is great as it enables for holes to be made into your material on a large scale at a cost-effective price. The tool is made of either steel or tungsten carbide; this produces a shiny burnished region rollover effect.

NFF Precision use ‘Turning’ as an additional cutting method. The steel will be placed onto a specific axis which allows us to cut it into your desired shape. The complexity that can be found whilst cutting materials is reduced by using this method. Turning is also great for minimising waste material.

This is when two materials are joined together to form a strong joint with the aid of a filler material. NFF Precision uses several welding practises to suit the nature of every job. This includes: Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG), Metallic Inert Gas (MIG), Seam, Inert Gas and Rotary. All of our welders have been approved for aluminium and steel brazing. In our welding works, we use a 2 metre bode seam welder and an automatic circumferential rotary welder.

Benefits of Using Steel

Steel is world renowned for its strength qualities and it is commonly used as a construction material due to its favourable high strength and low weight ratio. Steel is a material that can be easily recyclable and has great fire retardant properties, which has seen it being used in a variety of functions. It is also very durable and versatile. The material can also be constructed quickly and at a reasonable price. Another benefit of using steel is that it a material that requires little maintenance.

About NFF Precision

NFF Precision has been supplying top quality steel fabrication services to the aerospace and defence industries for over forty years. Our company is registered with NADCAP Welding & NDT for PRI and with the BSI under the AS9100 REV C I BS EN 9100:2009, ISO 9001:2008. This should reassure you of the quality of our steel fabrication services. Our company is well known for the quality of our services and this has been demonstrated in that many customers choose our ‘ship-to-stock’ option.

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